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Who won the royal rumble 2016

Who won the royal rumble 2016 - So guys i thing you all have this quetion in your mind but dont panic Royal Rumble 2016 is still some time away from now but the news and new-new rumors on who will win the 2016 Royal Rumble match have already started and many fans have also created some awesome videos too on this but till now they all are fake. So just have some patience and we will let you know all of it.

So guys viewers views are always important so i would like to ask something  who do you think will win 2016 Royal Rumble? Ofcourse there can be a number of people but still there will be some of your faviourate or some hutch will be good to let do an comparition between our competitors so just comment down your views. There are a lot of chances that a heel will win Royal Rumble 2016 but the question is who? But if a Face will win the Royal Rumble then the fans will boo him out of the building as they did in 2015 and 2014.
So Below are some of the favourites who can win the 2016 Royal Rumble Match.

Who won the royal rumble 2016?

Well i told you above also that till now we cant tell
Roman Reigns is as of now quarreling with Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship however he is not expected that he will win it at Survivor Series 2015. Rules is a top contender to win and feature Wrestlemania once more. Bits of gossip have been arround for quite a while that WWE is deduction to do a Shield Triple Threat coordinate some place in the Future for the WWE WH Championship and it is required to be At Wrestlemania 32. Rollins is the Current World Heavyweight Champion and it is normal that he won't be losing it before Wrestlemania 32. 

However, the issue with making Roman Reigns the victor is that when he won the Royal Rumble 2015 the fans booed him totally out of the building and even an appearence from the Rock couldn't help. So we should sit back and watch how it ends up being. 

Senior member Ambrose 

Pretty much as Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose likewise have great opportunities to win the Royal Rumble 2016 and at last shapping it to the Shield Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania 32. WWE is planing to break all their attendence records on Wrestlemania 32. All things considered A Shield Triple danger would offer the tickets like Pancakes. 

Other than Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns there are very little individual who can win the Royal Rumble Except Brock Lesnar or Kevin Owens. Who do you think can win the Royal Rumble and feature Wrestlemania 32.

Royal rumble 2016 results

Royal rumble 2016 results are later things to be concerned of but this time we shall understand about Royal rumble 2016 then i will tell you about Royal rumble 2016 results. Royal Rumble 2016 is an coming up professional  and very exciting wrestling loved by everyone pay per view (PPV) event whose produces is WWE.

 WWE also has given many hit shows in past lihe Hell in cell, Survivor Series etc etc. This match will held  on January 24, 2016 at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. This will be the 29th math of the Royal Rumble series and the first WWE pay-per-view match of 2016 and after Royal rumble many other payper view are also coming.  This times Royal Rumble will be the 5th Royal Rumble which will held again in the Florida after the other matches which held on 1990, 1991, 1995 and 2006 edition. 
                       The last years Royal rumble 2015 winner was Roman Reigns who won by last eliminating Rusev. So lets see who will win this times Royal rumble 2016 results.

Royal Rumble main aim was to make an professional wrestling matches that will allow the capable wrestlers from pre-existing scripted feuds or storylines that played out on WWE television to have a match for some hours and after they have won the match the winner get a big prize.
                So guys i thing we just have to wait till the epic matches of royal rumble ended and i will inform you about the matches who won and who loose so just stay tuned and bookmark this site to know more.

So guys i would like to ask you one thing have you ever thought who is your not so liked playes in WWE series so this is only my question just write down all of your favorite and non favorite player. I would like to here that. 

So i hope you would have liked the article if yes then do let me know about it it will be great to make me a pool about my viewers about how you all feel and do let me know of event too.

Worst WWE Royal Rumble winners :-

1. John Cena – 2013
So guys when John Cena won his first Royal Rumble in 2008 as all the WWE royal rumble fans will no thins thing because they will be watching this froma long time , and the older dose yet was not fully gone that John Cena again came to be a winner of royal rumble 2013. Older fans who like like undertaker etc etc began too rethink about what the hell in happening and why this superman like character is winning again and again. For years many people thought that John cina would be hateful and no one not even his fans will like him but good always come out of worse as did john cina he came out and showed everyone.
2. Sheamus – 2012
So guys now here is not most liked Shemaus  who won his first royal rumble in the Royal Rumble Match in 2012. So guys the Chris Jericho was the most loved participant of wwe 2012 and many people were thinking that he will win 2012's trophy even company was thinking this only but what can we do it was the god's choice that he docent won the matches and  Sheamus won the 2012 matches.

So guys now here are some last minutes information of 2012 match. The WWE Royal Rumble 2012 in end there were only 4 participants were left to match Sheamus, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and the Big Show. So here is the twist as no one has bought the Big Show as you can say that he was a threat to any world title since about 2000 , he was eliminated followed by Randy Orton. So the final epic match was  between Jericho and Sheamus had very good five minute mini-match where both guys used there full power to knock down each other. Eventually, Sheamus eliminated Jericho and won his first Royal Rumble of 2012's
3. Alberto Del Rio – 2011
Hey guys now we are here with a new player information and this player is  Alberto Del Rio. He is the only man in the WWE Royal Rumble history who highhandedly have managed to win a Forty man Royal Rumble Match. If u will read it it will sound very bad to you for sure but reality is quite different too, but in reality, the fact is worse. Del Rio is indeed a great in ring worker and a decorated name in the business but that doesn’t explain the company letting him be the ‘one’.
4. Roman Reigns – 2015
So now we are the second last countdown of our list. So in Royal Rumble 2015 Roman Reigns managed to anger the entire city of Philadelphia by winning the Royal Rumble 2015, and with that he received a meet Brock Lesnar at the Wrestlemania 31.
5. Batista – 2014
Now guys we are at last and final countdown of our list. So guys now on 2014's Royal rumble the fan's who came there had only one set in there mid that the person who will win todays match is Consol Energy Center in January of 2014, they had only one thing going through their mind which was Daniel Bryan.
Daniel Bryan  was a man who wrestled in the opening match of the pay per view match against Bray Wyatt, and he received a very warm welcome by the crowd like a hero has made it entry. But there was a sad news for the fans that he lost his battle to Bray Wyatt. But there was a shocking thing that crowd was not worried that he didn't won the match. There was still the Royal Rumble match and but already it was announced that he will not take part in the roral rumble, everyone knew that meant he would definitely be in the match and win the title match at Wrestlemania and make his all friend happy.
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